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  With  all  the  upheaval  in   the  world,  children  are

caught in the crossfire and often end up  alone and on

the streets, prey to many who would harm them. They

feel alone  and afraid.  Safe Houses,  orphanages,  and

other facilities offer them a new start in life. There are

approximately  143  million  children  worldwide  who

are living in orphanages.

   The handmade Angels of Hope that we send to these

orphanages, Safe Houses and other  facilities that care

for these children, stand on a base that says  "Angel of

Hope" in their own language. The text on the Angel of

Hope mini cards is also translated  so the children can

read them. The children will usually immediately tuck

them in their pockets to have their Angels always with

them.  The  Angel Coloring Books  are  also  a  favorite

among  the  children.  We  also  send  brightly  colored

Love   is   Real   Tee  shirts   with   each   order   -   and

frequently the children put on these new shirts - often

over the ones they are wearing. For most, it is the first

new shirt they have ever owned. The smiles that often

come  despite all the challenges they face,  shows  that

everything  we  hoped  for  is  manifesting  -  they  find

themselves clothed in Love.

   Our vision is that all children  whose lives have been

filled with trauma, chaos, pain and challenges of every

kind,  might  be touched  by an Angel,  and  know they

are not alone, and they are clothed in Love, cherished,

and cared for, part of a much greater whole, and that

they too, can believe in miracles in their own lives.


Orfanato Ciudad de Angeles
Cozumel, Mexico

Hogar Rompiendo Cadenas
Bogota, Colombia

The children put their shirts over what ever they were
wearing as soon as they received them!

 Robin's Nest Preschool Fun Day
John's Hall, St James Parish,   Jamaica

Alenah's Home
Beijing, China

Community Center

Orfanato Mis Chiquis,    Bogota, Colombia

Liberty Children's Home
Ladyville, Belize

Nepal Children's Home and Buddhist Children's Home
Kathmandu, Nepal

Rou's Corner - Saint Louis de Nord, Haiti