In a world where fear  and 
hopelessness are common
place,   where   challenges,
suffering  and  illness exist
right  now for  so  many on
this   planet,  it  is  time  to
respond       to    all     these
children          who           are
desperate    to   know   that
someone  out there  cares,
We must stand up and act!

Mexico after the Earthquake

We     firmly   believe     that
within      us     all      is      an
unlimited   power   to  care,
to get up  and open to  that
courage     inside,     to     do
something     to    make    a 
difference,   to   really  care
about         other       human
beings,   and   to  truly  live
compassion             through

Through Angels of Hope Love is Real, we wish to reach out and embrace all these children in Love and
let them know we care. Our vision is to bring Hope through the message of the Angels "Do not be 
You are not Alone." In addition, we wish to clothe each child in Love with brightly colored Love is Real tee 
which hold the printed message, "Love is Real Believe in Miracles".
Alenah's Home
Bejing, China

We will continue to send wooden  Angels of Hope  to Children's
Hospitals, Cancer Camps, Orphanages, Safehouses,  and  other
facilities  in the US  and worldwide,  along with colorful Love  is
 Real Tee Shirts, Angel Coloring Books and Angel Mini cards. All
of these inspirational items  are always sent  at  no  cost  to  any
 of the facilities.

We know together we can do something extraordinary. We can offer
Love and Hope through the Angels and Love is Real t-shirts. Please join
us on this journey and let us all be inspired as this miracle unfolds.


Siempre Unidos
Roatan, Honduras
Orphanato Mis Chiquis
 Bogota, Colombia

Community Center
Camgumbang, Philippines
Liberty Children's Village, Ladyville, Belize

Children in Hospitals are often frightened and feel alone.  Hospital procedures can be uncomfortable and
often painful, and days and nights away from home can feel very long. May the message of Love and Hope
be received by all who are experiencing so much in their young lives.

   Tampa General Hospital Children's Medical Center - Tampa, FL
Norton Children's Hospital
Louisville, KY   
An Angel of Hope, Angel Mini Cards, Angel Coloring
Books and colorful Love is Real Tee Shirts
are sent to Children's Hospitals, Cancer Camps
and other Children's Facilities


 For  one  week  children with cancer or other serious
physical    illness    are    given    the    chance   to    live
the   joy  of  the   normal  camp  experience    with   an
opportunity to forget about their physical challenges
for    a    short   time.    It    is    our   hope    that    these
Angels    of    Hope    Love    is    Real    items
will   brighten   their  lives  for  many  days   to  come

Arizona Camp Sunrise ~ Cancer Camp for Children

Love is Real Onesies delivered to Sturgis
Hospital Birthing Center, Sturgis, MI

Minnesota ~ Children's Minnesota Hospital
(Cancer Ward)  
"Your unwavering commitment plays a vital role
 in our ability to help the kids who depend on us
 to return them to their rightful place of happy."
   International Placements
    Support for the Children of Syria
Angels of Hope Love is Real continues to support
Syrian refugee children in 6 different countries
including: Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon,
Syria, and Turkey.

Syrian Refugee children in Turkey

"...What  beautiful  shirts!!    Seriously   we   appreciate
everything   you  have  sent us, they are  amazing  and  so
colorful. I am sure the  orphans are in love with them too.
God  bless  you  for  everything   you   are  doing  to  put  a
smile  on  everyone's  face."

Lum Lum Foster Care Home
Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia

Orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal

Ecuador ~ Santa Alena Province

"These  children   are   all  from  the   Santa Elena
Province     on    the   south  coast    of    Ecuador.
They    come   from   the   poorest   of   the   poor
families;      living    in    bamboo    homes,   some
without     plumbing,     most     without     floors.
This   day  was   in   celebration   of   Christmas...
Thanks again for helping us to spread cheer and
happy colors  [these fabulous shirts...]  to  these
children."   Dotti

Mexico after the Earthquake

"I want to thank you, once again, for your continuous
support  to our missions.   The t-shirts were properly
distributed in Mexico to children in need. I traveled 4
hours   to   the  nearest   city   where  the   earthquake
epicenter  was and visited 4 refugee centers.   When I
arrived most of the children were in a tent  attending
school, so I took pictures  with those  that were not in
school at one refugee center.

As always,  may God bless you and your beautiful
Organization that brings HOPE to those in need."

Alex Karl Restrepo   Mission Coordinator

♥ ♥ ♥
Angels of Hope Love is Real Items

Voices 4 Nigeria ~ IDP Camp

Shabla House ~ Vratsa, Bulgaria

"Just came back from Vratsa and visited the small group
house for children with disabilities (CNST) to make a
couple of pictures. I am also sending you a picture from
Shabla House.  All the kids are very happy in their new
 T-shirts, smiling with hope and love in their hearts!"
Bless You,    Albena

 Guatemala, Hogar de Ninos Fatima

Shabla House ~ Vratsa, Bulgaria
Angels Children's Home
Hakha City, Myanmar
Angel Mini Cards
Translated & given to children in:
Children's Hospitals, Cancer Camps for Children, Orphanages,
Safe Houses and other facilities.


Thank you for taking time to see everything
that is happening in and through
Angels of Hope Love is Real.

It is our desire that all the children of the world who
are experiencing challenges in their young lives, and
who feel alone and afraid, know that they are
Loved and cared for.

We invite you to visit the rest of this website
and be inspired, as we are, by the courage these
children show in the face of tremendous challenges.